Brave Dame Fitness

Brave Dame Fitness is all about courage. It’s a project that will provide women with the tools they need to achieve their health and fitness goals, no matter how much time they have on their hands or where they are. Furthermore, the project seeks to motivate those women to be dauntless, dare to pursue their dreams, and to become Brave Dames as well.

Fitness isn’t only about how physically fit you are. It involves how you see yourself and how you push your limits to love who you really are, accept it, and become better with it.

Brave Dames know that courage isn’t the lack of fear, but they know there’s something more important out there, and they go for it!

Vivian H. Schrijver

Brave Dame Fitness began when I decided to become a personal trainer. After losing 80 pounds, overcoming depression, and conquering the obstacles of constantly having to start over due to living in different parts of the world, and still being able to achieve my dreams, I knew that I wanted to teach and motivate others to do the same.

After completing a bachelor’s degree in Communications & Political Sciences at Bar-Ilan University, Israel, and working in the corporate world, I decided to create a positive change by helping others to be happier and healthier by spicing up my professional life. One of the biggest struggles I had to deal with while growing up was dealing with my overweight, and believing that my self-worth was strictly determined by a scale thanks to the society. So, I challenged all that, by getting certified as a Zumba & Zumba Toning instructor, and got accredited as a personal trainer with the Sector Fitness European Academy (SEA) in Spain.I also continued to further my knowledge by taking a second Personal Training Certification with ACE(American Council on Exercise).

My goal is to combine the tools and skills I acquired through my career as a Marketing Director and Communicator, as well as a Fitness Professional, to help other women around the world achieve their dreams, transform into a healthier version of themselves and feel empowered.